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Productivity and employee engagement (the degree to which employees invest their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural energy in achieving company goals) are arguably the most critical factors which drive company performance. The right initiatives, focused on improving worker engagement and productivity, will improve company performance – below are a few real-life examples:

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Major global internet services company

  • Benchmarked productivity of 700 employees
  • Ran carefully curated survey to understand staff lifestyles, interests, preferences and workplace needs
  • Introduced range of workplace benefits to improve their people’s enjoyment and happiness at work
  • Productivity of employees increased by an average of 12%

Chemicals company – 100 employees

  • Company challenged by poor operational efficiency and worker health and productivity issues
  • Company invested in mental health initiative including meditation training
  • 50% of staff participated in training
  • Results:
    • Within 3 months employees reported more energy and reduction in physical health complaints
    • Over next 36 months sickness fell by 85% and productivity increased by 120%
    • Company profits increased by 520%

Subsidiary of major health services organisation – 48k employees

  • Company struggled with staff complaints of being overworked, underpaid and stressed
  • Introduced initiatives to monitor and improve worker health and wellbeing
  • Initiative involved 25,000+ employees participating in Mindfulness course
  • Participants reported:
    – 28% reduction in stress
    – 20% improvement in sleep
    – Productivity increased by an average of more than an hour per week per employee

Housing services company – 900 staff

  • High attrition, absenteeism and staff health issues
  • 2020 introduced new Wellbeing App & within 12 months:
    • Mental health sickness reduced by 31%
    • Attrition reduced by 32%
    • Saved £100K in related costs

Major financial news publication – Circa 2,500 staff

  • Staff lacking motivation and career development
  • Focus on improving staff engagement and staff happiness to improve productivity
  • Pulse Surveys to identify trends and actionable insights
  • Analysis of insights identified Career Growth a key weakness of the organisation
  • Actions taken:
    • Introduced cross-functional training & secondments
    • Revised organisational job structures to provide career path opportunities
    • Provided training courses to upskill and increase competencies
  • Results & Learnings:
    • Engagement scores increased to more than 5% above sector benchmark
    • Ratings for Career Growth & job opportunities improved significantly (best results in 4 years)
    • Commensurate increase in productivity from engaged workforce

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