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Can and should I insist that my staff return to work from the office?

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Hello and welcome back. I’m Grant Price from YOHO – here to answer another … ‘Question of Work’.This one comes from Rebecca who asks: “Can and should I insist that my staff return to work from the office?”

This is a tricky one Rebecca Is this about policy, legality, morality, productivity or wellbeing? Each are valid and all are loaded questions!

Policy is largely the same as legality …. Do your employee agreements include a clear statement covering your ‘Policy on Working from Home’? If the answer is “No” then this is something you must address! – it is vital you provide written clarity of your policy for all your staff and that its always kept up to date!

It is your moral duty to do so, has legal implications – and it’s the only way to avoid conflict on the issue. But your policy may not be the same for all workers and job functions.

So, consider your policy very carefully… You have an obligation to your stakeholders and clients to ensure operational efficiency – which means: Firstly, your staff need to be located somewhere they can work productively and safely and Secondly, your policy must enable you to attract and retain the best talent.

It’s not always an easy equation …. At YOHO we understand this – and we have the expertise to help you find the right solution for you, your staff and your customers.

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