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How do I look after the wellbeing of my remote workers?

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Hello and welcome back. I’m Grant Price from YOHO with a new … ‘Question of Work’. Maria asks: “How do I look after the wellbeing of my remote workers?” Thanks Maria – a good question.

Yoga IS a popular image when we talk about wellbeing – but there’s a lot more to it than that! Managing a hybrid team demands new skills and an adapted style of leadership and it’s not always an easy transition. Sensing employee mental wellbeing when they’re working at home is really difficult – it requires training AND deep human understanding.

Managers have to be alert to warning signs – Mood or behavioural changes may be obvious … but subtle changes in tone of voice or a reduction in levels of engagement can be a lot more difficult to spot.

Everyone’s work set up at home is unique – as are the triggers which cause stress. Do your employees have everything they need to work happily, safely and productively away from the office? And do your managers have the skills they need to motivate and manage their teams remotely?

Do you run regular Pulse surveys to gauge the health and mood of your workforce and the way they feel about their workplace? Getting wellbeing right, pays huge dividends in terms of creativity, innovation, energy and productivity – and ultimately company performance!

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