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What on earth is a workplace strategy?

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Do you need a Workplace Strategy?

So you’ve got a sales strategy, a marketing strategy, an IT strategy and probably a few more. And now you’re reading about workplace strategies? Surely you don’t need one of those?

Yes, you do. This is big. In the brave new world of living with Covid, the way you work together is fundamental to the happiness and productivity of your people, and the long-term success of your business.

Six things before breakfast

Let’s break it down. These are the kind of issues we’re talking about:

So what?

Of course they matter, but maybe you’re already dealing with them. To find out, ask yourself what factors are likely to have the greatest impact on your business performance in the next few years.

I’m prepared to bet that your answer includes people. Which means you need to consider the six issues I just mentioned. For example, on employee well-being, what are you doing about these awkward truths?

  • Remote and hybrid working creates mental health challenges. Staff are isolated from their colleagues, clients and business partners, without the support they’re used to. As boundaries blur between office and home, they are often dealing with personal and family issues while managing a demanding workload.
  • Less time commuting and travelling to meetings may sound idyllic, but it also reduces our activity and can have a damaging effect on our physical health. How many people do you know who have gained weight and lost fitness during the pandemic?
  • Even if managers check in regularly with remote employees, a lack of face-to-face contact starves people of observational learning, personal feedback and positive reinforcement of performance and achievement – and therefore confidence and motivation.

Understanding your employees

At YOHO we have long experience in understanding what employees need from their workplace. We are experts not just in well-being, but in all six of those key issues. We’ve got answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet. And we’ve got proven techniques to solve the ones that are new to us.

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