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Why don’t my staff want to come back to the office?

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Hello and thanks for joining me today. I’m Grant Price from YOHO and I’m here to answer another … ‘Question of Work’.Jason asks: “Why don’t my staff want to come back to the office?” Thanks Jason – it’s good to address this slightly awkward question.

To answer, we need to understand what’s going on in the Worlds of our employees. In April 2022 ‘The Future Forum’ conducted a Global Pulse survey of 10,000 workers across 4 continents. It identified that since June 2020 34% of non-exec workers have returned to the office full time.

Alarmingly, of these a 55% majority returned reluctantly – and this is in stark contrast to many senior execs who have chosen to continue hybrid working!

So, why do people want to stay away? Well, some have re-organised their home setup and don’t relish returning to a daily commute. Others are enjoying the flexibility to work when and where they want – or feel more productive without the distractions of an open-plan office.

But for most the truth is probably a mix of these and more – such as new pets to look after and childcare issues.

The reasons are varied, complex and individual to the worker. But there are good reasons why some companies need to get their workers back into the office – so what can be done to encourage them to return?

YOHO’s research has identified a range of novel, innovative, tried and proven incentives which are getting employees back to their desks – without having to pressure or mandate.

If you need help with any of these issues, we’d be happy to share our insights with you. Just click the link above to book a free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation with me.