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Workplace research

Navigate the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace with YOHO’s insightful research. Discover the trends that shape productivity, wellness, and business growth.

Our approach

Understanding workplace trends with YOHO research

The world of work is in constant flux. Workplace practices and setups, influenced by technological advancements and cultural shifts, continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Keeping up with these changes can be a challenging task for business leaders who are already navigating a complex array of responsibilities.

At YOHO, we’re dedicated to making that task easier. We conduct extensive research, monitoring working practices and office setups in the UK and abroad, to understand emerging trends and to identify effective solutions to common workplace challenges.

In this rapidly changing landscape, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to maintain productivity and performance, and to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees.

YOHO can provide the visibility and insight you need to adapt and thrive amidst these changes.

Staying ahead with YOHO

Our commitment to understanding the dynamic world of work means we continuously gather and analyse information, providing up-to-date insights that can help guide your decision-making.

Whether you’re interested in broad trends or specific solutions that your peers are implementing, YOHO can provide the insights you need.

We don’t just rest on our existing knowledge – we actively conduct new research to ensure that you’re equipped with the most recent and relevant information. With YOHO, you don’t just react to change – you anticipate it.

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Our approach to research

Our research approach is grounded in our core values, which we call The 6 Pillars. These values guide our investigations and shape the insights we provide.

Employee Wellbeing

Understanding the factors that contribute to employee wellbeing is a critical aspect of our research.

We explore how workplace trends impact mental and physical health, and identify strategies to promote overall wellbeing.

Environment & Ergonomics

The physical environment can significantly impact productivity and health. We investigate ergonomic solutions and workspace designs that promote comfort, efficiency, and wellness.

Workplace Location

As more businesses explore remote and hybrid work models, we study the impacts and opportunities associated with various workplace locations.

Our research provides insights into creating effective policies for diverse work arrangements.

Staff Development

Employee growth is essential for business success. We explore trends in training and development, and identify best practices to foster continuous learning and skill advancement.

Data Risk

In a digital world, data security is paramount. Our research identifies threats and solutions in the realm of cybersecurity, helping businesses protect their critical information.

Adverse Events

Our research doesn’t shy away from the unpredictable. We examine the impacts of unforeseen events on business operations and employee morale, and explore strategies for building resilience.

Shared Passion

We are deeply passionate about partnering with companies that recognize the immense value of their people. By prioritizing their well-being, businesses can truly deliver outstanding value to customers and stakeholders.


Recent global events have reshaped the way we work and collaborate. From Covid to geopolitical shifts, we have witnessed lasting transformations. It became clear that adapting to these changes is essential for sustainable growth in uncertain times.


By protecting people, equipping them with tools and skills, and optimising work environments, we empower businesses to thrive. Our focus on productivity, efficiency, and safety ensures consistent, remarkable outcomes.

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