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Unlock your full employee and AI productivity potential

YOHO Workplace Strategy is a research driven ‘Workplace’ Business Consultancy. Every day we monitor and map the working practices and office setup of workers, and the implications and impact of AI for UK businesses.

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Multitude of factors impacting team productivity

Today companies face productivity challenges for an ever growing number of reasons – from remote working, which affects focus, communication, and connectivity, to the rapid evolution of AI, which brings implications for jobs – but also opportunities to improve efficiency, augment products and services, and accelerate growth.

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YOHO helps improve productivity in the workplace…

We address the multitude of factors impacting company efficiency, effectiveness, and safety, from the risks and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, to factors such as  hybrid working pressures and policies, worker mental health, workplace ergonomics, loss or weakening of company culture, lack of remote team management skills, staff-management relationships, and core business function interactions.

How we work

Powerful solutions for enhanced productivity: Discover our 5 core services

Amid the rapid transition to remote work, our five core services stand as pillars of productivity enhancement and workplace wellbeing.

Revolutionise your team in 3 Simple Steps:

Arrange a call

Start with a discussion with our experts. We’ll identify your productivity roadblocks and tailor our solution.

Get a customised plan

Receive a bespoke Workplace Strategy. We’ll adapt our services to your specific needs, promoting efficient remote working.

Improve productivity & wellbeing

Implement the plan and see improvements. With our strategies, boost productivity, enhance wellbeing, and drive team engagement.

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